Shanghai Guyi Garden

Project introduction: It locates in nanxiang town, jiading district, northwest of Shanghaiwhich is one of the oldest range in Shanghai. Its water area is about 18000m2,and its depth is about 1.5m. Rainwater is its primary water source. Before thetreatment, the water was turbid with low transparency, and there was serioussediment deposition in some areas. Additionally, the water looked green,especially on the narrow part (e.g. Xier Pond and Liudai Veranda etc.), atwhere the water was nearly static, as a result, algae bloomed in early summerevery year, turning the water dark green and smelly. The deteriorating waterseriously influenced the landscape of Guyi Garden.

Purification effects: The water is crystal clear, with main eutrophic indexes (dissolvedoxygen, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, potassium permanganateindex, etc.) reaching or better than the standard of surface water(GB3838-2002) Class Ⅲ. Underwater vegetation covers 60% or more of the bottom and keepgreen at all seasons. Perfect food chain of water ecological system andbeautiful waterscape have been built,and the effects last up to now.

Project anecdotes: During the annual Lotus Festival, the ecological treated waterscapesets the lotus off advantage, meanwhile, beautiful water scene with flourishsubmerged plants and lively fishes becomes photographers’ first choice.

Project completion date: August 2012

Before the treatment                                                                   

After the treatment